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“Aces!” and other positive exclamations…

A few events have aligned to make me consider new positive exclamations. I’ve been watching Twin Peaks for the first time and noticed Special Agent Dale Cooper likes to exclaim “Aces!” I was texting a friend (my band-boss and sometimes work-spouse @muskoxmusic) who finished off an exchange with “Top Notch!”

what a swell guy!

I am tired of “awesome” and “wicked” and I want more! What have you got?

These days I am partial to “Cool Beans,” and using Google, I found more:

“Simply ripping!”

I appeal to the crowd-source. Lay on me thine classiest ones.

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3 thoughts on ““Aces!” and other positive exclamations…

    • as you know I am a fan of “Aces!”
      I also like calling things the cat’s pajamas but I rarely work that in to conversation.
      Also Beautiful! as an exclamation is kinda nice. “I got you some cake” “Beautiful! That’s just what I wanted”

  1. It seems the British have the best ones.

    A common one these days is simply “brilliant.”

    “I got you some cake.”


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